York Region & Long Term Care Unit Executive

Doug is the Chairperson of the York Region and Long Term Care Unit.  An advocate of trade unionism he has devoted his time and energies in improving the lives of his membership for over 30 years. Doug was a founding member in the creation of CUPE 905. Doug has successfully negotiated more than a dozen collective agreements and works with all members of the Unit Executive to represent the interests of York Region Employees. To get in contact with Doug  click here

Dave Neeson

Vice Chairperson

Cindy Martin

Vice Chairperson, Long Term Care


Greg Watkinson

Vice Chairperson, Paramedic Services


Sumudini Sathi

Vice Chairperson, York Community Corporate & Finance


Paul Beal

Vice Chairperson, Transportation & Environment


Crystal Cook

Vice Chairperson, Public Health


Nicole Baker

York Region & LTC Unit Secretary

Travis Brown

York Region & LTC Unit Chief Steward

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