Dear MPP ________________,


I am writing to you today to express my extreme concern regarding the proposed changes to Regulation 566 under the Health Protection and Promotion Act.


The proposed regulation would remove the existing Public Health Professional qualification requirement for the following Boards of Health Staff:


1.    Business Administrators

2.    Public Health Inspectors

3.    Public Health Dentists

4.    Dental Hygienists

5.    Public Health Nutritionists


This proposed change to Regulation 566 with a lack of information surrounding its rationale and next steps can be nothing short of bad news for the current and future health of Ontarians.


The current qualification requirements in Regulation 566 legislatively guarantees that Ontarians are receiving Public Health Services from professionally qualified workers in their respective occupations.


Removing these requirements opens the door to unqualified workers providing vital Public Health Services in my community and puts us all at risk.


Examples of these vital services carried out by qualified professionals include:

  • Safe drinking water

  • High-quality nutritional education in our schools and supporting school nutritional guidelines

  • Infection prevention and control which provides inspection, investigation, prevention and education in Long-Term Care facilities

  • Access to high quality low cost / no cost dental and oral hygiene for children and families

  • Safe pools for our community use

  • Safe indoor air in public facilities including arenas

  • Outbreak response such as the recent events of H1N1 and SARS

  • Investigating community health hazards such as ensuring the soil in our community is free from arsenic

  • Surveillance and investigation of Rabies and other vector-borne illnesses such as West Nile virus


In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to request that you speak out in favour of maintaining the existing qualifications in Regulation 566 for Board of Health staff to ensure that my family and my fellow Ontarians can continue to receive the bonafide and high-quality health services that we all deserve.