UNION  Education

If you are a member with CUPE Local 905 and are interested in attending a Union  Education Workshop, please see a member of your Executive for approval.  As soon as you have received approval, registration is done by emailing:

RAYANNE LEES - vicepresident@cupe905.com
Liisa Kallasmaa - reception@cupe905.com

If you are a member of another Local, please visit the CUPE National website to register yourself and/or a member of your Local.

Attendees are reminded to bring their Steward Passport books with them to each workshop they attend

(these are given out at the “Intro to Stewarding” course).

Lunch will be provided – Be sure to inform us as soon as possible of any dietary restrictions.


Below is the list of 2020 Union Education Workshops that will be held at the CUPE Local 905 Union Hall. 

Please see the CALENDAR page for information about each individual workshop.


PLEASE NOTE: The Bargaining Courses are for Bargaining Committee Members Only

*Steward Learning Series (SLS)

**Health & Safety Learning Series (H&SLS)


The Steward Learning Series workshops are a series of 20 different 3-hour modules that will give Stewards a wide range of knowledge and skills to represent members and respond to situations in the workplace. Some of these modules are mandatory for the Steward Learning Series Certificate, some are optional. Stewards must first take the "Introduction to Stewarding" workshop, then they can select from these modules, along with the optional ones, to further their training.


Once Stewards have completed Intro to Stewarding + 13 of the additional modules as per the guidelines, they receive a Steward pin and a Steward Learning Series Certificate.

New Stewards will receive a Steward Passport which they must bring to each course they take which will help them keep track of the modules taken. It also explains which modules are considered “core” vs. optional, and how many of each are needed to receive the pin and certificate.

Stewards taking the Heath and Safety Learning Series must first take the "Introduction to Healthy and Safety" workshop, then they can start taking the other H&SLS modules.

Once Stewards have completed Intro to Healthy & Safetly + 10 of the additional modules as per the guidelines, they will receive a Health and Safety Series Certificate.

Please visit the CUPE National website for more details.